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Путешествия Навигация
Разработчик WeesWares

Petrol@FR is a FREE application that highlights nearby Petrol Stations. It includes coverage for France.

- more than 3000 petrol station locations
- support for Shell, LPG, BP, Agip, Avia, etc
- fast map view (with option to display in the built in maps application as well)
- ability to email location
- internet connection is not required


Petrol@FR est une application gratuite qui met en évidence à proximité des stations essence. Il comprend lassurance pour la France.

- Plus de 3000 stations dessence
- Le soutien aux "Shell", "GPL", "BP", "Agip", "Avia", etc
- Rapide vue de la carte (avec option daffichage dans les bâtiments dans les cartes de demande aussi bien)
- La capacité de localisation email
- Connexion internet nest pas nécessaire

*** maps provided by and contributors: CC-BY-SA

*** location data courtesy of and copyright, All rights reserved.